What Others Are Saying…

The Twisty Road Seminar offers sound advice to all street riders, regardless of experience level” -2021. ——Mark Miller, Isle of Man TT – 1st Place Winner

“Your seminar looks very thorough!” -2019.
Michael Neeves, Chief Road Tester, Motor Cycle News (U.K.)

“I can’t overstate how significant this training was to my development as a sport-rider. I have read books on proper technique but what I learned on Wednesday is that it is impossible to tell if you are doing something wrong without a second person to watch and tell you. Your training gave me at least four opportunities for an experienced rider to give me personalized feedback. Also, at the beginning I was skeptical of the technique of keeping in the left track. I am now a convert. In just one afternoon I have completely changed my technique in the curves. The three techniques which I thought were equally valuable to me are riding posture, lane positioning and gear selection. Up until this point I had no practical guideline for any of these… -The whole afternoon was a blast.

–Sean Looman

I want to thank you again for the great class. I have wasted a lot of time watching YouTube videos from instructors and experts teaching riding skills, but nothing compares to in person instruction and feedback. This is specifically evident when you told me I wasn’t doing something I thought I was. I’m never going to get that feedback from watching a video, reading, and practicing… Thanks again for the instruction, feedback and pushing me to sharpen my skills. I highly suggest everyone should take such a course, even if they don’t plan to carve the turns like we did.

–Mike Maksymetz

Thanks for a great day and your efforts in putting together a terrific twisty-roads class!You have been an excellent mentor and a great instructor. I hope that others will understand that even a student of Keith Code such as myself found great value in what you bring to 4the table in improving riding skills on the street! … I feel this was a worthwhile class to attend and hope others will as well!

–Maury Feuerman

In the riding part of the seminar, I liked being able to BUILD on each part that we learned.The first, SLOW ride was good to get to know the road, make sure that the left track was good and practice looking as far out as needed…I did find it very useful to roll on the throttle to help me maintain better control of the bike coming out of the turn.I have ridden on Williamston Rd. many times, but honestly, that was the fastest I’d ever ridden it!… I learned a lot & feel better for taking your seminar!

–M.J. Allmond

Safer Rider? Yes, by always looking through the turn & following the left side line you are more aware of oncoming traffic, are more in control while riding on the least hazardous portion of the road. Take aways included desired body position, left side lane positioning w/o apex & gaining higher RPM for engine braking. There was nothing I disliked…written material was excellent with a positive Zoom meeting.

–Bill Preininger

I found the seminar to be very informative, particularly my arm position which made me more conscious of what I am doing with my upper body and helped me stay loose and steer the bike much better. I also liked the video on where to look using the term ”Home position” something about having a phrase like that stuck in your head to remind you. Then spending some time practicing on the same corners for a couple hours really helps bring it all together. I have read most of Keith Codes books so I already knew about survival reactions, but for people that are not familiar with his books it is a great thing to teach. Even if you are a pretty good rider, I think there is always something to learn or practice to be a better and safer rider. Thanks

–Max Durling

Thanks for taking the time and conducting this seminar. It was incredibly helpful and definitely will take it forward for a lifetime. With abundant practice and getting rid of the fear, I am confident that I can be a better rider. Some of the cues given were very helpful and I could feel the difference in the line of the turn, throttle control, and confidence over the curves. I do believe that I will be much safer on roads now than ever before. I had a few friends inquiring about the course outside the Ducati circle, It would be great if you can pass on the information on how they can enroll in the next course.
–Vignesh Bala

Great course. It was helpful to repeat the same short section of road [18-turns] and get feedback after every section. I learned to be in a much more relaxed body position by dropping my elbows. I also benefitted from working on increasing my focus to maintain a precise line through every corner. Thanks again!

–Craig Blogin

I returned from Harbor Springs on Sunday and rode the Multistrada up there and back. Though the journey there was on anything but twisty roads I was still able to make good use of what I learned from the seminar on the “get on/off” ramps.  I already see an improvement in my riding and the confidence that goes with it. 
I’ve reviewed the notes that I got from your online and that’s been a help too.

–Pierre Major